Good conversations

1,5 hours | physical meeting at TU Delft | 3-5 participants | free

A lot of our daily conversations can feel like they are a bit trivial, but when we dare to dive a bit deeper, good conversations can help us form meaningful connections and relations with others.

In this workshop, good conversations, we explore how we can develop deeper connections with our peers through good conversations with some simple tips and tricks. The workshop is divided into three main parts: self-reflection, sharing, and designing personal, actionable steps and tips.

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We are currently offering this workshop through two platforms: X and Career and Counselling services at TU Delft. The workshop format is the same for both, but the location and sign-up service will vary.

Workshops through TU Delft Career and Counselling services

You can find our workshops on the left side of the Career and Counselling page, under "Study Climate: hii"

The workshop schedule for Q4 will be announced soon!

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Workshops through X TU Delft

You can sign up for our workshops at X two weeks or less in advance. Also available for non-X members.

The workshop schedule for Q4 will be announced soon!

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If you for some reason are experiencing issues signing up, send an email to, and we will find a way to let you join. :) 

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